The Lentils

the lentils in bed

Sometimes something beautiful has to wilt for new growth to bloom. So it is with The Lentils. Forged from the ashes of Brattleboro’s shambolic day dreamers Happy Jawbone Family Band, The Lentils soar to new fantastical heights.

Led by HJFB ringleader Luke Csehak, joined by fellow Vermonters Peter Nichols (Great Valley, Grape Room) and Nehemiah St. Danger, The Lentils travel through mossy bogs of discarded metaphors and bittersweet memories, buoyed only by rough and tumble riffs and disjointed percussion. With their latest full length “Brattleboro is Flooding,” a scent of haunting melancholy hangs in the air, yet the comfortable bedroom sweetness of HJFB replaced with a sharp, unadorned earnestness that pulls no punches. Take a sip from this leaky faucet before it grows into a flood that carries you away.

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