Ben Katzman’s DeGreaser

photo by Andrew Gibson

BUFU Records’ Bad-Boi-in-Chief Ben Katzman shares his pure love of shredding with DeGreaser. Christened by his love for the rok gods KISS and Van Halen – DeGreaser shreds through Ben Katzman’s life experiences – like a modern day version of American Graffiti.

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‘Though distinctly lighthearted and packed with joke-heavy songs, the album explodes out of its musically minimalist, shred-heavy rock.’ – Impose Magazine

The driving, growling rock — churned out by self-described “dorks that are obsessed with KISS and the Ramones — is loud, unabashedly honest, and awesomely infectious in more ways than one. – Consequence of Sound

1 comment on “Ben Katzman’s DeGreaser

  1. Vera Slawnitsch

    Love it, Ben!

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