Tall Juan premieres ‘Getting Cold’ off of ‘Olden Goldies’

Photo: Laura-Lynn Petrick
Photo: Laura-Lynn Petrick


Via Brooklyn Vegan:

Tall Juan, who hails from Argentina but has been a regular on the Brooklyn scene for a few years now, is set to release his debut album, Olden Goldies, on May 5 via BUFU. It features contributions from pals Juan Wauters and Mac DeMarco — he also covers Mac’s “Another One” which he renames “Another Juan.” While his building blocks  — Ramones, early rock n’ roll — are nothing new, attitude and energy count for a lot and Tall Juan has both in spades. We’ve got the premiere of “Getting Cold,” which features Chicago’s Jimmy Whispers, and you can listen to that below.’


Tall Juan – Olden Goldies tracklist:
1. I Don’t Know What To Do
2. Baby
3. I Like To Stay Home
4. I Wish I Knew
5. Getting Cold
6. Falling Down
7. Another Juan (Mac DeMarco cover)
8. Paracida A Vos
9. Cuida Coches
10. Far Rockaway
11. Kaya
12. It’s True
13. Why Not?
14. Time Bomb (Ramones cover)
15. Take Your Time

Tall Juan – 2017 Tour Dates
Wed, March 15 — SWSX: Stay Gold Austin, TX, US
Fri, April 14 — Machines With Magnets Pawtucket, RI, US

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