Ben Katzman’s DeGreaser ‘Venus In Pisces’ Out Now


The brand new Ben Katzman’s DeGreaser record ‘Venus In Pisces’ is out now. The bands 3rd LP in a year is like a DIY soundtrack to Grease. As if Pinkerton was written by KISS,’Venus In Pisces’ takes you through 22 minutes of shredding, love songs, heartbreak, astrological chart break downs, and all things KISS. Catch them on their upcoming album release tour next week with Mannequin Pussy!

Nov 4 Brooklyn, NY @ Silent Barn w/ Mannequin Pussy, Free Pizza, Flower Girl
Nov 6 Philadelphia, PA @ The Green Ray w/ Mannequin Pussy
Nov 7 Worcester, MA @ Distant Castle w/ Mannequin Pussy, Styk, Tinder Fungus
Nov 8 Boston, MA @ Great Scott w/ Mannequin Pussy, Puppy Problems
Nov 10 Hadley, MA @ TBA w/ Mannequin Pussy
Nov 11 Dover, NH @ Crawl Space w/ Mannequin Pussy, Charles, New Legs
Nov 12 Burlington, VT @ Handsome House w/ Mannequin Pussy, Apartment 3, Puberty Wounds
Nov 13 Montclair, NJ @ AK-47 w/ Mannequin Pussy, Dentist, Sad Lips, Reflowered Girlz
Nov 14 Baltimore, MD @ The Crown w/ Sherman Whips, Natural Velvet
Nov 18 Chicago, IL @ Wally’s World w/ TBA
Nov 19 Murray, KY @ DYC w/ Barbariettes
Nov 20 Nashville, TN @ Designer Medium w/ Free Pizza, TBA
Nov 21 Birmingham, AL @ TBA w/ Plains
Nov 27 Miami, FL @ Suite 206 w/ The Gun Hoes, Bruiser
Nov 28 St. Petersburg @ The Bends w/ Selectric, and The Gun Hoes

Order your copy of the LP today at our webstore!

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